Bahamas History

With its fabulous beaches and beautiful clear waters, the Bahamas is probably the best vacation destination in the world.  Let me tell you a little about Bahamas' history.

Bahamas Culture

The Bahamas' culture is a diverse one.  It's contributed by many inhabitants including Indians, English, Americans, and Africans. Let me tell you a little about Bahamas' culture.

Bahamas Climate

The Bahamas climate is semi tropical with two seasons. Summer and winter, with summer also serving as the rainy season. Let me tell you a little about Bahamas' climate.

Welcome to Bahamas History

Sun, sand and beach. Bahamas history is known for its beautiful beaches with calm and turquoise waters. With over 700 islands bordered with white sandy beaches. Once a favorite hiding place of pirates waiting for their prey. Now, Bahamas is frequented by sailors, adventurers and vacationers looking for relaxation.

The Bahamas laid back way of life is perfect for relaxation and de-stressing. People are very hospitable and will gladly share their rich Bahama history and culture with visitors. With sites to die for, world-class resorts that offer different kinds of activities, hundreds of different locations, you will never lack of things to do in the Bahamas. From diving, wind surfing, parasailing, dancing to shopping and golfing. Filling your days with activities will be an easy task.

The weather is always perfect for a day at the beach. It's warm and sunny even during the winter.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why many people are being attracted to the Island, most especially the wealthy who stays in the Island for weeks. Some frequent the Bahamas for relaxation while other visit because of the associated luxury. Whatever your reason is Bahamas is a truly amazing destination that everyone should experience!

There's much more than meets the eye to this wonderful and adventurous destination. Bahamas history is truly one of a kind.


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